Interesting Facts

Old stands in Białowieża Forest, are shelters for about 20 lynx.


Activities performed in the frame of the project will be related to:

   1. update and reduction of gaps in information about natural resources of the Białowieża National Park (BPN),
   2. development and implementation of an integrated geoinformation system for collecting, analyzing and sharing this information.  

Natural scientists, involved in the project, will assess the conservation status and state of monitoring system in forest and non-forest habitats of the BPN as well as inventory and valorization of water ecosystems.

As a result of these activities a natural resources database for the National Park will be developed – the main component of the whole geoinformation system. It will help to improve effectiveness of the protection tasks performed by the nature protection services.

Specific actions include:

Activity 1: State of conservation and monitoring of forest habitats in the Bialowieza National Park

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Activity 2: Description and evaluation of state of conservation of non-forest habitats in the Bialowieża National Park Get to know more.
Activity 3: Inventory and evaluation of water ecosystems of the Białowieża National Park Get to know more.
Activity 4: Series of workshops: „Methods of the state of conservation monitoring of selected habitats and species of plants and animals in the Natura 2000 sites” Get to know more.
Activity 5: Designing a system for managing, planning and monitoring of area Get to know more.
Activity 6: Field station equipment Get to know more.

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