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A monofloral delicious honey is produced by bees using the Tilia cordata trees (Small-leaved Lime). With linden flower tea is a traditional herbal remedy. It is considered to be of value as an anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic and sedative.


Main goal of the project is to update and improve coherence of information about condition of the habitats and species in Białowieża National Park.

Actions undertaken in the frame of the project will focus on update of existing resources, new data collection as well as implementation of the system helping to monitor and manage the protection tasks in ecosystems of Białowieża National Park.

As a results of cooperation between Białowieża National Park and UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre an integrated geoinformation system will be developed. It will allow to collect, analyze and share information about natural resources of the National Park. The system will include:

  1. database with information on the National Park’s natural resources for improvement of the protection tasks effectiveness,
  2. system for the protection tasks management, incl. modules for analyzes and reporting on effectiveness of tasks performed,
  3. map application, geoportal, providing access to information gathered in the database for different groups of stakeholders.

Moreover, there are also some additional activities planned in the frame of the project:

  1. workshops for employees of the national and landscape parks from Podlaskie Voivodeship, focused on effective methods of valuable habitats and species monitoring,
  2. two international research conferences,
  3. purchase of equipment for a field base located in the northern part of the National Park. The base is used by researchers, students and volunteers,
  4. publications presenting variety of habitats and species in the Białowieża Forest.
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