Interesting Facts

Goodyera repens is a small orchid growing in coniferous forests. Its leaves are able to survive the winter even at -15˚C.

A sunny long weekend in Bialowieza Forest


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On Saturday the 2nd of May, in Bialowieza National Park took place ecological happening. In front of the offices of National Park you could find a stand of Bialowieza National Park and our project- Keep the forest in your heart. The action was led by a famous journalist- Tomasz Zubilewicz.

The beautiful, sunny weather encouraged many to visit our event. In was a great opportunity for fun-activities, but also for widening the knowledge about nature protection. The visitors had a chance to recognise animal traces, check their knowledge in quizes and create interesting objects during up-cycling workshops.

In the evening we had a pleasure to host a special guest- Goodshilda Aguilara from a Lakhota tribe in USA who gave a concert and a speech about american bison protection.


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