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Bark of willow has some medicinal properties which are known from the ancient times – it was chewed for headaches or a fever.

Spring monitoring workshop



On 23rd and 24th April in Białowieski National Park took place the last edition of the workshops "The methods of monitoring of the conservation state of selected natural habitats and fauna and flora species in Natura 2000 sites in Podlaskie Voivodeship." The workshop was organised within the project "The harmonisation of data on natural resources in the Bialowieża National Park in order to improve the efficiency of the National Park mamangement".

This time the focus of the workshop was on a "spring" species of birds (owls and woodpeckers) and plants (Pulsatilla patens). The first speaker was Sławomir Niedźwiecki from Natura International Polska who talked about owl species in Poland, their characteristic voices and methods of monitoring. Later Dorota Czeszczewik from Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities introduced the methods to clasify national species of woodpeckers after according to their morphology, voices, sound of boring in the wood and feeding marks. The day was summed up by a field trip and tries to listen to Glaucidium passerinum and Aegolius funereus.

The beginning of the first day was a few- hours training in a strickt reserve of Białowieża Forest. The participants had a chance to test their freshly gathered knowledge of classifying woodpeckers. In the next part of the day the presentation about woodpeckers continued. At the end, Marcin Zych from Warsaw University held a presentation about biology and habitat requirements of Pulsatilla patens, as well as the monitoring of this species, assessing the habitat and population indicators population and actions to preserve the species.

The participants were emlpees of Puszcza Knyszyńska Landscape Park, Suwalski Landskape Park, Biebrzański National Park, Narwiański National Park, Wigierski National Park and , of course, Białowieski National Park.


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