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The international conference "Nature protection and monitoring – transboundary challenges"


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On 19-21 of March 2015 in Białowieża (Poland) took place the international conference "Nature protection and monitoringtransboundary challenges" organised by The Białowieża National Park and UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre.

The meeting was aimed at exchange of experience between Polish and international stakeholders as well as discussion on possibilities and methods of cooperation in the field of nature protection and monitoring among institutions responsible for nature protection, research institutions, public administration units, NGOs and local communities.

 During the meeting, the experts from the fields in the field of nature protection and monitoring held following speeches:

March 19 (Thursday)



Mirosław Stepaniuk, Białowieża National Park
 Maria Andrzejewska, Centrum UNEP/GRID-Warszawa

Presentation of the project „Fostering management of the Białowieża National Park through harmonization of environmental data”

Renata Krzyściak-Kosińska, Białowieża National Park
Monika Rusztecka, Centrum UNEP/GRID-Warszawa

Forms of nature protection

Beata Bezubik, Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Białystok

State Forests Administration for the Bialowieza Forest. Integrated project “Bialowieza Forest – Forest Heritage of Europe”

Cezary Świstak, Regional Directorate for State Forests Administration in Białystok

Scientific research of Mammal Research Institute for nature conservation

Rafał Kowalczyk, Mammal Research Institute of PAS

Protection of Lesser-Spotted Eagle in selected Natura 2000 areas

Cezary Świstak; Regional Directorate for State Forests Administration in Białystok


Coffee break


Białowieża National Park in the context of biodiversity and geodiersity of the Białowieża Forest

Włodzimierz Kwiatkowski, Landscape Park of the Knyszyn Forest

Monitoring of treestand dynamic in the Białowieża Forest within the framework of the LIFE+ ForBioSensing project

Krzysztof Stereńczak, Forest Research Institute

Protected or productive Białowieża Forest as tree diversity hot spot?

Stanisław Miścicki, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Monitoring of natural and productive forest: advantages for nature protection and challenges for researches

Anna Gazda, Uniwersity of Agriculture, Kraków




Long-term monitoring of tree stand dynamic of the Białowieża National Park

Bogdan Brzeziecki, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

System of monitoring of forest and non-forest habitats of the Białowieża National Park

Małgorzata Karczewska, Andrzej Keczyński, Białowieża National Park

Water retention in biodiversity protection of the Bialowieza Forest

Roman Kalski, Polish Society of Bird Protection

Systematic literature review as a good method to gather information and create a detailed database about the last remain primeval forest in Europe

Jerzy M. Gutowski, European Centre for Natural Forests; Ewelina Czwienczek, Forestry Department of University of Technology, Białystok


Coffee break


Panel discussion „How to secure effective access to information on natural resources?”



20 marca (piątek)


Nature without boundaries – joint geoportal of Polish and Czech national park

Zygmunt Jała, Karkonosze National Park

Oder River as an example of transboundary cooperation for nature protection

Dorota Janicka, Landscape Parks of West Pomerania

Nature monitoring in the National Park „Bialowieza Forest”, Belarus

Dimitry Biernatsky, National Park „Bialowieza Forest”, Belarus

Białowieża Forest, new opportunities?

Toby Aykroyd, Wild Europe Initiative


Coffee break


Roadless areas in the Polish Carpathians - the core areas of wildlife refuge

Paweł Struś, Pedagogical Institute, Kraków

Monitoring of waters and flora as a tool for management planning in the Kampinoski National Park.

Anna Andrzejewska, Anna Kębłowska, Kampinoski National Park

Hydrological monitoring of selected lakes of the Drawienski National Park and its buffer zone

Agata Staszak-Piekarska, University of Adam Mickiewicz, Poznań

National UNESCO – MAB Committee of Poland and biosphere reserves

Roman Soja, National UNESCO – MAB Committee of Poland

Past – Presence – Future of the biosphere reserves in the Bialowieza Forest

Andrzej Antczak, Hajnówka Forest District

Monitoring of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Anna Marconi-Betka; National Heritage Board




Panel discussion „Nature monitoring challenges”


Visiting the European Bison Breeding Centre


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